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hello to all,

read post about Spellchecker around forum and find very interesting material

WORD.au3 based and Aspell one.

First is very good but use Microsoft Word for correct tetx so is not usable in 'production' environment ... (for ca$h),

second is good for reuse freeware standart unix program that use internation standard dictionary, but in its Autoit

incarnation is limited to one word at once. (try it's very well structured)

Openoffice engine use Aspell derivated gear (hunspell) to correct words in documents,

but Autoit do not have Openoffice library or UDF yet.

I've some request :

- documentation and examples to use external .dll in Autoit. Here i found Hunspell dll, maybe a lot of work can be avoid

- method to intercept/use/clean windows text clipboard

- some enthusiast that would to help me to have a simple customizable tool made in Autoit usable in all windows task

thank you for your time and patience,


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sorry for take this post back.

Read a lot in these days about spellchecker based on dictionary and math and not on external tool.

(eg: MS Office Word)

Find interesting reading here where ''mathematic' approach

is taken, to solve this task. In a few line this guy solve spelling 'problem'

I'm here to ask if is possible to made spellchecker script to spellcheck a .txt file

(maybe not with MS Office Word, but using Openoffice or given dictionary)

Hope someone can think a nice solution or help to understand better this materia.

thank you all,


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