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Editing subitems in the _GUICtrlListView_EditLabel example

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Hi Everyone,

This is my fist post, I've been using AutoIT for over a year and have spent a lot of time lurking on here but now I'm stuck and need some help.

I'm a noob at working with the listview control and I've been trying to figure out for the past several days how to click on a subitem, highlight that subitem, and edit that subitem.

I've spent a lot of time looking at posts and code examples from rasim, eltorro, MrCreatoR, and gafrost. I've learned much about capturing clicks, double clicks, right clicks, and knowing which item or subitem has been clicked on. The problem is that I still can not figure out how to highlight and edit a subitem.

Could someone please give me a few pointers as to how I might alter the _GUICtrlListView_EditLabel example contained in the help file to allow editing of subitems.

Thank you,


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