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Three strange autoit issues...

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Issue #1:

One particular script I run behaves differently when it is not the active window. The usual behavior is that it seems frozen if it's not the active window, and does nothing. The script is simple and there are no functions that behave differently based on activeness. I run Vista; is it Vista's fault somehow, or is there an autoit configuration I'm missing or something?

Issue #2:

_GuiCtrlListGetItemRect returns different coordinates (wrong coordinates) when the targetted window is hidden, even if it's in the same place as when it was not hidden. Again, I run Vista.

Issue #3:

Running SciTe as an administrator causes some of my functions, when I run scripts with F5, to lose functionality. One example is simply 'Send'. This does nothing if my script has admin. WTF? Shouldn't being an administrator give it more freedom, not less?

Any help would be appreciated.

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