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I need to know how to get this chat app online,,

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I made a chat and computer conrol in one program...

But now I want it online..

For some reason @IPAddress1 returns wich works.. but only on my computer..

So then I tried _GetIP() and that doesn't work..

After that I tried to set a static IP (like 4 times) but then I can't go on the internet (websites)..

I think I screwed up my ip address some time ago.. because at my father's computer his @IPAddress1 returns his good Ip address..

I think I forwarded a port (my router is: SpeedTouch 580): 88 but still I can't get it to work..

Please can someone help me??

(btw I use kip's TCP.au3 udf.. so you might want to download that 2!)

here is the server(, TCP udf) and the client:


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Have you tried @IPAddress2, @IPAddress3, or @IPAddress4? You can also try TCPNameToIP(). It is very possible you've got multiple NICs or virtual adapters that are populating @IPAddress1.

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