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I am trying to write a script to press the login button of an application that multiple users can run. The problem I have is the control class and ID are different on each users machine, and also changes if the program is restarted. I was wondering if there was anyway to write a universal script that all users can use ? I have included the control details from a couple of users:


>>>> Control <<<<

Class: ATL:045423D8

Instance: 20

ClassnameNN: ATL:045423D820

Advanced (Class): [CLASS:ATL:045423D8; INSTANCE:20]

ID: 60933260


Position: 5, 15

Size: 44, 37

ControlClick Coords: 22, 20

Style: 0x56000000

ExStyle: 0x00000000

Handle: 0x00010280


>>>> Control <<<<

Class: ATL:044423D8

Instance: 20

ClassnameNN: ATL:044423D820

Advanced (Class): [CLASS:ATL:044423D8; INSTANCE:20]

ID: 59884684


Position: 4, 15

Size: 37, 37

ControlClick Coords: 23, 16

Style: 0x56000000

ExStyle: 0x00000000

Handle: 0x00020238

At present I am using a ControlSend to do this but needs to be changed for each user:

ControlSend("Application", "ATL:044423D820", "{enter}")

I did try to use a ControlClick on the coordinates but this only worked when the users was logged in and not when the workstation was locked.

Any advice would be excellent !

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