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Yes, I know AUTOIT is free [and thank you; I, like so many others see the value you and your community have added to our society on many levels] but I work in a company that clings to HP BPM / QTP because it can purchase support from HP. The authority in my company is extremely reluctant to use AUTOIT because it perceives there is no commercial support for this product. The mindset of the authority in my company [which I do not subscribe to] is master / servant. Some of it is about leverage. That is, there is no leverage / outsourcing of risk / etc with free support.

As a background, a few scripts have been knocked up in AUTOIT out of desperation because it cannot be done using HP products, nevertheless these scripts are treated like the "plague" and is impossible to hand the scripts over to the regular support staff internally.

As dumb as it sounds, are there any companies that sell support / maintenance contracts for AUTOIT?

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