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Hello all,

I'm being tasked at work to write a script to automate some pieces to an application we have. The problem I'm having is, there's one piece where you must wait for a progress list to finish. It's much similar to a running log. I don't see any control IDs on any of the controls on the dialog box. In addition, the title bar's text does not change throughout the process. To further make it more complicated, the button that I want to click does not appear on the dialog until the process finishes. I don't see any way to know when the process has finished so that I can click the button to continue the rest of the script. Any ideas on where I might look to get some help on this one? I can provide any information you might need to help me out. Thanks and enjoy your day.

Sincerely yours,Jeremy Landesjlandes@landeserve.com

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