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Script abort after extract Files via 7-zip.dll

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First excuse my bad english, i'm from Germany muttley

I try to extract a .zip File, and it works fine until the unzip process is complete.

Then the Autoit Script aborts and a Windows error Box appears.

I think it dont make sense to post a picture because ist in German.

If i click "dont send" the box disappears and the script is closed.

But all files are correctly extracted to my choosen destination folder ?!

This is the code for extracting the zip file, ifound it in the Autoit.com Forum

Func _SevenZipExtract($sArchive, $sOutDir = ".", $sFilter = '*', $sCMDLine = '', $hWnd = 0)
    $dll = DllOpen("7-zip32.dll")
    DllCall($dll, "int", "SevenZip", "hwnd", $hWnd, "str", 'x ' & $sCMDLine & ' -o' & $sOutDir & ' ' & $sArchive & ' ' & $sFilter, "int", 0)
    $error = @error
    If $error Then
        Return 0
        Return 1

This is how i call the Function


The 7-zip.dll is in the same directory as the .au3 file (W:\), the d_3000E.zip file is in the subfolder W:\data\d_3000E.zip.

So i hope someone can told me how i can fix that error :)

I although attached the 7-zip.dll file i use.


Greatings from Germany :(


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What is the error you receive? Feel free to add a screenshot, there are people from all over the world on this forum. Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. muttley

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LUCKY i wanna learn german. lol as Airwolf mentioned it would be a good idea to post a screenshot.

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