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ISO Maker - My first successful attempt at using AutoIt - Please make suggestions for improving the code

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Hi everyone

The is my first successful attempt at using AutoIt to code a utility that I can use. Please take a look at it make suggestions for improving the code and style.

The program will search for all harddrives and cdrom drives on the system. When it finds the harddrive with the file 'CD_ISOs.' in the it's root directory, it will assume that this is the drive where ISOs will be stored (in a folder named 'CDs'.)

The program will use MakeImg.exe (located in the same directory as 'CD_ISOs.') to record an ISO of the selected CDROM Drive's media. That ISO will then be stored in the folder 'CDs' on the same drive.

Previously recorded ISOs can be selected from the listview and renamed as needed.

Sorry for the lack of comments in the au3 file but I'll try to better document the code as I get better at writing the code.

I've borrowed pieces of code written by the users of this forum in this program and do apologize for not noting who wrote the pieces that I borrowed.

Please try it out and make recommendations for ways to improve the code and my coding knowledge.



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