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send does not always work?

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#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

AutoIt Version:

Author: myName

Script Function:

Template AutoIt script.

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

; Script Start - Add your code below here



MouseClick("left", 245, 146)

MouseClick("left", 880, 620)

MouseClick("left", 600, 330)

MouseMove(600, 330)

MouseMove(600, 330)

MouseMove(600, 330)

If I insert a send cmd after the run it does not always work.

The script is located in the same folder as the eclipse4.exe program

the 'name' of the windows box is eclipse v4 and the send syntax is as follows:

send ("eclipse4.exe","iclicl1")

Ths aim of this code is to put the passwd into the active window ?

Anyone got any ideas?

Rgds eddie george

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Two things:

1. Your Send() probably gets executed before the window exist, try using WinWaitActive() and perhaps a small Sleep().

2. That's not the right syntax for Send(), check the helpfile.

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