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Problem with Outlook plugin

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I try to install the LookOut 1.2 plugin with AutoIt 3.0.102 but i can't reach the LookOut window with AutoIt.

Here the code:

AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)


if WinExists("- Microsoft Outlook") Then
    MsgBox(0,"Installationshinweis","Outlook must be closed!" & @crlf & @crlf &_
            "Please close outlook!")
    Until not WinExists("- Microsoft Outlook")      


Run("msiexec /i c:\temp\lookout12.msi /qb"); *** changed package to MSI
WinWaitActive("LookOut","Preparing to install...")
MsgBox(0,"Installation LookOut","Open Outlook for final konfiguration",1)
;***till here all is ok. lookout is installed

Run("C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\OUTLOOK.EXE")
WinWaitActive("- Microsoft Outlook")
;*** run outlook for second part of install

;*** this doesn't make his work - second part of install - configuration
;*** it seems that AutoIt doesn't recognise the window - so i set a timeout of 10 sec
WinWait("Welcome to Lookout",10)
WinActivate("Welcome to Lookout")
;*** even now - window is active - AutoIt can't send anything to the window
ControlCommand("Welcome to Lookout","Skip this wizard and start indexing now","WindowsForms10.BUTTON.app111","Check","")
controlClick("Welcome to Lookout","Finish","WindowsForms10.BUTTON.app114")
WinWaitClose("Welcome to Lookout")

;*** this is necessary to open the option dialog of lookout in outlook
;*** i can't reach the controls
$outlookpos = WinGetPos("- Microsoft Outlook")
if $outlookpos[2] < 420 Or $outlookpos[3] < 200 Then WinMove("- Microsoft Outlook","",10,10,450,250)
$outlookpos = WinGetPos("- Microsoft Outlook")

;*** this doesn't make his work - too
WinWaitActive("Lookout Options")
$optionpos = WinGetPos("Lookout Options")
WinWaitActive("Lookout Options","&Automatically Update my Index when Outlook")
ControlClick("Lookout Options","&Automatically Update my Index when Outlook","WindowsForms10.BUTTON.app1014")

MsgBox(0,"Info","Installation ready")



Any ideas why it is not possible to reach the controls of LookOut?

-> http://www.lookoutsoft.com/Lookout/

Edited by wfuehrer

Wolfgang Führer

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I just download from M$, and it is a exe, /? does nothing. Here is a quick script if useful:


WinWait("Lookout 1.2 Setup ", "Please review the license")
ControlClick("Lookout 1.2 Setup ", "Please review the license", "Button2")

WinWait("Lookout 1.2 Setup ", "Choose the folder")
ControlClick("Lookout 1.2 Setup ", "Choose the folder", "Button2")

WinWait("Lookout 1.2 Setup ", "Please wait while")
ControlClick("Lookout 1.2 Setup ", "Please wait while", "Button2")
Only 3 windows to this one.

Edit, Noticed you have 3.0.102, not 1.0.103. ControlIDs may need to be changed. Can get them if desired.

Edit2: Modified :idiot:

Edited by MHz

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The main installation of LookOut is not the problem. With lookout12.msi the installation ist complete unattended.

The second step of installation is the problem.

LookOut opens a config dialog the first time outlook is started.

This Dialog i can't reach with AutoIT. Neither watching popping up nor sending something to the dialog will work.

The AutoIt Spy can read some of the controls but there is no reaction when the script is running.

Wolfgang Führer

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