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TrayTip issues

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I am using TrayTips to output status of my program... I am getting issues with annoying noises from the balloon pop ups ...

I the help file it states you can put a 16 on the end of the value to stop the sounds but this does not seem to work for me ..


TrayTip("***WARNING***", $WarningMessage, 30, 18)

; This should give me a balloon with a warning icon + 16 to keep the sounds from occuring ...

TrayTip ( "", "", 16)

;Clears the trayTip without a sound

TrayTip($UpdateName, "Cleaning Up Installation Files - Please Wait", 30, 17)

;This shouldd give me the information icon "1" + the "16" silent = 17 as the flag

Does anyone know why this is not working

If this is windows deciding to ignore this has anyone got a script to detect if the sound is muted then mute if not and remove mute when complete (only if muted in forst place)

Thaks for any help

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Just tested for WinXP:

TrayTip("***WARNING***", "WARNING", 30, 18)

without sound

TrayTip("***WARNING***", "WARNING", 30)

with sound

I don't know why for you doesn't work.

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So I am not going mad it does work.... Must be somewhere in my script... I am updating the tray with an Adlib Manager - Time to go thru it with a fine tooth comb....

Thanks for that

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