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Looking for a mentor.

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Hi, I am completely new writting scripts, I dont know too much on it but am eager to learn, I am also trying to obtain all the knowledge I can about writting scripts right now, Ive been reading for few days now all the tutorials, But I am looking for a mentor to help me when have a hard time, I do not ask that you write the scripts for me but only that you direct me in the right path and teach me a thing or two, If someone would like to help me let me know, Thank you.

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Hello KushWeed,

I have found that, for the most part, members of this forum are extremely helpful provided you first:

1 - Search help

2 - Search the forum for similar issues

3 - Having failed in the above, posting your question with explanations of what you're attempting to accomplish and the code you've written so far.

4 - Avoid bumping every 5 minutes

If you follow this, I think you'll find this community eager to help you. We all start somewhere!

Zach Fisher...

PS: If you receive a response from Valik, chances are good that it will be very direct. Chances are even better that he's right. Do not under any circumstances try to argue your point. Run - do not walk - away from the computer and hug something cuddly. Come back. Read and think about it. Repeat until you're convinced. This forum is littered with transcripts of doomed debates with him. Given the memory of the internet, you don't want vain attempts at intellectual superiority following you around. muttley

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