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any way i can get array for known font types?

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Im trying to build an array to read pixels from the screen and finding out what letters they are representing.

the array is something like that

$LETTER_SIZE[0][0] = 9 (thats the letter height)

$LETTER_SIZE[1][0] = 6 (thats the letter width)

$LETTER[0] = "A" ;thats the letter im trying to find.

$LETTER_FONT[6][0][0] = 0

$LETTER_FONT[5][0][0] = 0

$LETTER_FONT[4][0][0] = 0

$LETTER_FONT[3][0][0] = 1

$LETTER_FONT[2][0][0] = 1

$LETTER_FONT[1][0][0] = 1

$LETTER_FONT[0][0][0] = 0

$LETTER_FONT[6][1][0] = 1

$LETTER_FONT[5][1][0] = 0

$LETTER_FONT[4][1][0] = 0


is their a way to see if someone already wrote the pixels for the letter position ?

1 more thing .

could it be that if i place a certain letter next to another certian letter its pixels position changes?

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