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get all files with .ext

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hi i'm trying to make a downloader using the inet downloader script and example - 15 minute timed downloader

i can make these download the files if i input the full url incl. the extension

now i want it to grab all files from that webpage with only the extension known

i'm using this script:

#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

AutoIt Version: (beta)

Author: Partypooper & Partial code gseller

Script Function:

Format for the UDF is as follows:

#include <INetDownloader.au3>

Func _INetDownloader( Web Site, Remote Filename [, Local Filename [, Download Directory [, AutoOverwrite]]] )

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

#include <INetDownloader.au3>

Global $s_MyWebSite = "http://peppy.chigau.com/bss/"; authors web address

Sleep (900000) ; 15 minute timer 1=60000, 2=120000 ,3=180000 ,5=300000 ,10=600000 ,15=900000 ,20=1200000

Call ('OnDownloadFile')


Func OnDownloadFile()

_INetDownloader($s_MyWebSite, "", -1, @ScriptDir)


can someone help me???

maybe something like InetgetFileExt = mp3

i really appreciate it


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The only I know of to get a directory of unknown filenames is with wget:


You can set it to recursively get all files matching a filter.

can't use this really don't know how to integrate

but i managed to find a diff. way using the rslink script

i changed some urls and made my down.manager read the txt file to get all the files i wanted it to grab

all i now need to do is to make a batch to add the rslink txt file automatically in the down.manager

but that should be no problem

thanks for the help anyway

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