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Dynamic controlls

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Hi, I have a problem with diferent instances of one controll.

Lets say, I have a two tabs.

On the first is radio button "Do you have a car? - YES/NO". I check "NO".

On the second tab I have an edit "Name:". This edit have controllID "INSTANCE:1"

But if on first tab I check "YES", there will display a new edit controll, let say "Type of your car:" with controllID "INSTANCE:1"

Now edit "Name" on second tab have controllID "INSTANCE:2"

It mean, if I change something on first tab, my script will not work :)

Is some chance to have a stable IDs for controlls?

PS: sorry about my english muttley

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There are several workarounds, I don't know if you need this, but it could be a solution:

- use "[ACTIVE]" instead of [iNSTANCE:1] -> this is more the dynamic kind of work

- use CASE (or if else) statements to check the different cases

- @GUI_CtrlHandle -> Last click control handle. Only valid in an event Function. See the GUICtrlSetOnEvent function.

If you find another solution, I would like to hear it

In the beginning there was nothing and then even that exploded - anonymous

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Thx for your response.

Im not using my app only once.

Its like for counting people and their property.

First step - I click on button "Add" and fill name and surname.

Second step - Have a car?

Third step - Have a house? ..and so on

Then I will not exit app but click on first tab and add another people.

But than will application do automatic tests.

So if first people have a car, on another tabs editbox have a controll instance plus 1

If second people dont have a car, the editboxes are still instances plus 1..

Its why I cannot use your ideas.

Only way I see have instances not default, but like variables and then use CASE or GUICtrlSetOnEvent for changing them.

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