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How do you view an object's properties?

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Global $oIE = _IECreateEmbedded()

It looks like _IECreateEmbedded returns a "Webbrowser object reference" so things like the following would work for retrieving the width and height of the object width and height:



If the object is resized, the above properties do not seem to change from their initial setting.

I don't know what other property names are available for the $oIE object reference (I was just guessing "Width" and "Height" and they worked).

How do I look at the properties and other things $oIE can do? Do I need to look at the object through something like Visual C# or something along those lines or does AutoIt3 have some type of object browser?

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Are you resizing the actual embedded IE or are you simply resizing your GUI? Because the value you're getting is based on the embedded IE, which no matter how you resize your GUI, the IE's size remains constant.

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