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Broken Timer

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I have a script that runs in the background of a server. It's supposed to go out and look for a marker file on another server and if it finds it, delete it and wait for a specified amount of time. The problem is it's not consistent. I ran it for 3 days with no problems. Now it seems like it's not running at all or it does it at weird hours. The only thing I did that might have effected it is the addition of the tray menu changes. Here's the sample code of the timer below. The $LOG and $DELAY variables come from reading an INI file. The $DELAY variable is normally '60'.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm just not seeing where the issue is.


$timer = TimerInit()

While 1

$msg = TrayGetMsg()


Case $msg = 0


Case $msg = $iniitem

Run ("Notepad.exe Schedulemonitor.ini")

Case $msg = $Logitem

Run ("Notepad.exe " & $LOG)

Case $msg = $aboutitem

Msgbox(64,"About","JDE Scheduler Monitor program"& @LF & "Written by me" & @LF & @CRLF & "Version: "& $version)

Case $msg = $exititem



If TimerDiff($timer) >= $DELAY*60000 Then


$timer = TimerInit()


Sleep(30000) ;Sleep 30 seconds


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