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Need some help with RunAsWait (and DirCreate) at the Logon-Script

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Hi all,

i'm currently working on a script (v3.2.12.1) that starts up at the end of our logonscript in our domain. The aim is to create 2 folders on each pc and grant access to everyone. All of our users do only have userrights. This is what i thought so far (scriptexample for 1 folder only):

$pid1 = RunAsWait ("Administrator", @ComputerName, "pwd_here", 0, "mkdir C:\AAA" )


$pid3 = RunAsWait ("Administrator", @ComputerName, "pwd_here", 0, "cacls.exe C:\AAA /T /E /G everyone:C" )


FileCopy ("\\server\share$\AAA\*.*", "C:\AAA", 0)

But of course mkdir.exe is not available cause it's part of the cmd-line. So i need a replacement or a workaround for this.

Another idea of me was to rerun the script a second time with RunAsWait and then doing the DirCreate-job and so on, but unfortunately local administrator accounts of the pc's do not have the right to access the NETLOGON-share where the script is starting from.

For i'm not the scripting specialist it seems that i need a hint from you. muttley

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Hi Jos,

it works perfectly! Thank you for this support!


Gerhard muttley

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