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Can't Control Windows

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I'm attempting to make a silent installer for Norton 360 using AutoIt so that I can setup my own options but the very first window is giving me a hard time, it's the user agreement window, it's an htm loaded into the setup so I assume it's IE based, AutoIt detects the window but I can't for the life of me click the I agree button.

Opt('WinTextMatchMode', 2)

$Title = 'Norton 360 Setup'

WinWaitSend($Title, $Text, 'Button5', '{ENTER}')

Func WinWaitSend($iTitle, $iText, $iControl, $iString = Default)
    WinWait($Title, $Text)
    If Not WinActive($Title, $Text) Then WinActivate($Title, $Text)
    WinWaitActive($Title, $Text)
    If $iString = Default Then ControlClick($iTitle, $iText, $iControl)
    If $iString <> Default Then ControlSend($iTitle, $iText, $iControl, $iString)

This is my original script which makes the most sense to me but I've also tried: send, controlsend, controlclick,

I can't even move the window with winmove but I've put commands like If WinActive then MsgBox(0,'','Active') and the msgbox will so up.

Edit: Spelling Error

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