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Tutorial on Wiki

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Hi every1 , where is the tutorial on wiki, i was reading it a few days ago and it was really good, but now there's hardly anything on there, maybe i just can't find it anymore

i think i was learning about how to open paint and change it's name, here were the codes i copied from the tutorial

; Hangman with MSPaint
Dim $sTitle = "Hangman by AutoIt"
   ;Get things going
    SplashTextOn ("Hangman", "This is a tutorial on how to use AutoIt v3",400,100,-1,-1,16)
    $nPID = Run ("MSPAINT.EXE", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)
   ;If you become stuck on the splash screen, capitalize the "u" in "untitled - Paint" on the following two lines to correct it
    WinWait ("untitled - Paint")
    WinSetTitle ("untitled - Paint", "", $sTitle)
    Sleep (2000)
    SplashOff ()
    MsgBox (0,"","Waiting")
    ProcessClose ($nPID)

any1 know where it is now?

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