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Noob wanna send keys to 2 notepads

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well sorry for posting first ... allready done some searching

in forum and online docu ... found _ispressed and send as one of the features i need ... but nothing more

i'm not even sure if autoit is able to do what i need ... everything looks terrible complicate to me

other problem is that here i'ven't permission to install program & at home i've no internet

ok setup is i've 2 notepad windows (i call it NP_1 and NP_2) both are allready open NP_1 is active, NP_2 is minimized

here comes what a wanna do

WHILE This_Script isn't ended DO


if _ispressed(31) #i hope 31 is 1


send(1) to NP_1


if _ispressed(32)


activate NP_2

send(1) to NP_2

minimize NP_2

make NP_1 be active again



thanks in advanced for hints (pls use big hammer) or code


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