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Help with FileCreateShortcut

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Hi there

Not sure exactly what the problem is, but, I'm trying to change old shortcuts paths to new shortcut paths example D:\ to E:\ so I wrote the code below, but for some reason, when creating the new shortcut, the target path is always truncated to an 8 character naming convention so for example C:\Program Files becomes E:\Program_\ the working directory and all others are fine. The strange thing is if I uncomment the MsgBox below, I do get the full path that I want for example E:\Program Files\... it's only when I try to use it along with FileCreateShortcut.

I tried using quotes '"' & $SC_TARGET & '"' still with no joy, so I'm stumped.

Can anyone help?


#Include <File.au3>

$SC_FLDSEL = FileSelectFolder("Please Select a folder.", $SC_DRVOLD, 4)
$SC_FLDARY = _FileListToArray($SC_FLDSEL, "*.lnk", 1)
For $i = 1 To $SC_FLDARY[0]
;Shortcut File Path
    $SC_FILPTH = $SC_FLDSEL & "\" & $SC_FLDARY[$i]
;Get Shortcut File Information
    $SC_FILGET = FileGetShortcut ($SC_FILPTH)
;Shortcut Target Path - Replace Drive Information
    $SC_TARGET = StringReplace($SC_FILGET[0], $SC_DRVOLD, $SC_DRVNEW)
;Shortcut Working Directory - Replace Drive Information
    $SC_WRKDIR = StringReplace($SC_FILGET[1], $SC_DRVOLD, $SC_DRVNEW)
;Shortcut Arguments - Replace Drive Information
    $SC_ARGMNT = StringReplace($SC_FILGET[2], $SC_DRVOLD, $SC_DRVNEW)
;Shortcut Description - Replace Drive Information
    $SC_DSCPTN = StringReplace($SC_FILGET[3], $SC_DRVOLD, $SC_DRVNEW)
;Shorcut Icon Filename - Replace Drive Information
    $SC_ICNFIL = StringReplace($SC_FILGET[4], $SC_DRVOLD, $SC_DRVNEW)
;Shortcut Icon Index
;Shortcut State
;Overwrite old Shortcut with New Shortcut

MsgBox(32, "Shortcut Replacement Wizard", "Shortcut Replacement Complete")

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Think I figured it out, I was misguided by AutoIT help which states that: "FileCreateShortcut does not require a valid target..." it seems it does otherwise it truncates, because I'm doing this on behalf of someone else, I don't have an E: Drive, however once I mapped E: to my C: Drive, the shortcuts were created fine. Not sure if this is a bug or just misprint in AutoIT Help.

Talking of the help, if we find errors do we tell anyone about them? For instance while researching above I found one of the example scripts for FileGetShortName was

$a = FileGetShortName(@HomeDrive & "\Program Files")
msgbox(0,"long file name", $a)
;$a is probably "x:\PROGRA~1"

I know the message box title isn't really important to the function, but also know that examples tend to stay around in future releases.


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