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getting text string

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hello, i need to get some text from a larger file. let's say we have

blahblah lll ddd <a>texttexttext<b> aofawc2c

from this, i want to get only texttexttext in a variable. how should i do it? thanks!

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You could use a For ... Next loop to scan for the start and end markers, then parse the data out.

Alternatively, you can use StringRegExp. It's a cleaner solution, but more confusing unless you know what you're doing. Here's how it might look:

Dim $input = "blahblah lll ddd <a>texttexttext<b> aofawc2c"

Dim $output = Parse($input)
MsgBox(0, "Results", $output[0])

Func Parse ( Const $text )
    Return StringRegExp($text, "<a>(.*)<b>", 1)

EDIT: Whatever you choose, make sure to thoroughly research your choice in the AutoIt help files. You need to understand the code you're using, or you'll have nothing but headaches.

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