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Need help with Stringregexp or Stringbetween

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Hi guys, i need help with stringregexp or stringbetween, i tried both & don't got it

e.g. for my Problem:

<div class="post-body">Player:manari<br/>Class:Swordsmen<br/>

i need to seperate the string after Player:

and the string after Class:

but without the <br/>

there are many places in the code that looks like that but with other strings

best thing i reached was with stringregexp, i got "manari<br/>Class:Swordsmen<br/>manari2<br/>Class:Swordsmen<br/>manari3<br/>Class:Swordsmen<br/>..."

is it possible to get only the strings, mayby with array because there are very few similar on the page

it would be really great if somebody is able to help me with my problem

sorry for my english

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Haven't seen any error with this

$String='<div class="post-body">Player:manari<br/>Class:Swordsmen<br/>'


MsgBox(64,"","User : " & $User & @CRLF & "Class : " & $Class)

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