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Controlsend Problem


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I have a script with the following lines of code:

WinWaitActive ( "Import", "", 5 )

AutoItSetOption ( "SendKeyDelay", 75 )

ControlSend ( "Import", "", "Edit1", $file)


The window "Import" is an open file dialog from an application the script is controlling.

Edit1 is the edit box where the file name is entered.

$file = "C:\data.lst" is the file name.

More often than not the file name is entered as C;\data.lst rather than C:\data.lst which really screws things up. Running Win XP

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I think Jon solved this problem in the latest unstable version (BTW very stable)

For me the complete accentuated letter is missing (I am French as you may know).

Only éèàù is working. ëêîô don't.

I am sure other speaking language will add more ñò ...

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