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Character limit to a line of code?

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Is there a limit to the number of characters on a line of code? I am having problems with the declaration of a massive array, and getting a nonsense error:

test2.au3 (18) : ==> Missing right bracket ')' in expression.:

(then points to an entry in the last row)

Local $bits[26][16] = [[0x0007C0, 0x000FC0, 0x000EC0, 0x000EE0, 0x000CE0, 0x001C60, 0x003870, 0x003870, 0x003870, 0x003FF8, 0x003FF8, 0x00303C, 0x00F038, 0x00701C, 0x00701C, 0x000000], _
[0x007FF8, 0x007FF8, 0x003C78, 0x00383C, 0x007838, 0x007870, 0x003FC0, 0x003FE8, 0x003FF8, 0x007838, 0x007C38, 0x003C3C, 0x003C38, 0x003FF0, 0x003FE0, 0x007780], _
[0x0003F8, 0x000FF8, 0x001EC8, 0x003C00, 0x007800, 0x007C00, 0x003800, 0x007800, 0x007800, 0x003800, 0x003C00, 0x003E00, 0x001E08, 0x000FFC, 0x0007F8, 0x0001B0], _
[0x007FE0, 0x00FFF0, 0x007138, 0x00F83C, 0x00F03E, 0x00F01E, 0x00F01E, 0x00F81E, 0x00F01C, 0x00781E, 0x00781C, 0x00703C, 0x00717C, 0x00FFF8, 0x007FE0, 0x006F80], _
[0x001FF0, 0x003FF0, 0x001C00, 0x001C00, 0x001C00, 0x003D80, 0x003FF0, 0x001FF0, 0x003D08, 0x003C00, 0x001E00, 0x001C00, 0x001C00, 0x001FF8, 0x001FF8, 0x0036B0], _
[0x003FF0, 0x003FF8, 0x003CC0, 0x003C00, 0x003C00, 0x001C00, 0x003FF0, 0x003FF0, 0x001FF0, 0x003C00, 0x001C00, 0x003C00, 0x003C00, 0x001C00, 0x001E00, 0x001C00], _
[0x000FF8, 0x001FF8, 0x003C00, 0x007C00, 0x00F000, 0x007800, 0x007020, 0x00F07C, 0x00F07C, 0x00701C, 0x00F01C, 0x007C1C, 0x003C1C, 0x001FFC, 0x0017FC, 0x0006F0], _
[0x00781E, 0x00783C, 0x00F81C, 0x00701C, 0x00F01C, 0x00F09C, 0x007FFC, 0x007FFE, 0x00F49C, 0x00F81E, 0x00781C, 0x00F01E, 0x00F83C, 0x00701C, 0x00703C, 0x001034], _
[0x000380, 0x000380, 0x000780, 0x000780, 0x000780, 0x000380, 0x0007C0, 0x0007C0, 0x000380, 0x000780, 0x0007C0, 0x0007C0, 0x000780, 0x0003C0, 0x000780, 0x000400], _
[0x0000E0, 0x0001E0, 0x0000E0, 0x0000E0, 0x0001E0, 0x0001E0, 0x0000E0, 0x0001E0, 0x0001E0, 0x0001E0, 0x0000E0, 0x0001C0, 0x000DC0, 0x003FC0, 0x001F80, 0x002C00], _
[0x003878, 0x003870, 0x0079E0, 0x0038E0, 0x007BC0, 0x007BC0, 0x007B80, 0x007F80, 0x007DC0, 0x0039C0, 0x0038E0, 0x0038F0, 0x0038F0, 0x007878, 0x007838, 0x006028], _
[0x001C00, 0x001E00, 0x001C00, 0x001E00, 0x001C00, 0x001E00, 0x003E00, 0x001C00, 0x001C00, 0x001E00, 0x001C00, 0x001E00, 0x001F48, 0x003FF8, 0x001FF8, 0x0024F0], _
[0x01F01E, 0x00F83F, 0x00F83F, 0x01D837, 0x01F827, 0x00EC6F, 0x01CC6F, 0x01CC6E, 0x01ECC7, 0x01E6CF, 0x01C6C7, 0x01C787, 0x01C787, 0x01C387, 0x01C30F, 0x004102], _
[0x00F81C, 0x007E1E, 0x007C1E, 0x00761E, 0x00F73C, 0x00F73C, 0x00779E, 0x0073DC, 0x0071DC, 0x00F0CE, 0x00F8CE, 0x00F87E, 0x00707C, 0x00783C, 0x00703E, 0x007000], _
[0x003FF0, 0x007FF8, 0x00787E, 0x00F03E, 0x00F01C, 0x01E01E, 0x01E00E, 0x01E00E, 0x00E00E, 0x01E01E, 0x00F03C, 0x00783C, 0x003DB8, 0x007FF0, 0x000FF0, 0x000240], _
[0x003FE0, 0x003FF0, 0x007978, 0x003838, 0x00783C, 0x003C38, 0x003C78, 0x003FF0, 0x007FE0, 0x003900, 0x003C00, 0x003800, 0x003C00, 0x003800, 0x007C00, 0x002000], _
[0x002FE8, 0x003FF8, 0x0078B8, 0x00F01C, 0x00F81C, 0x00E01E, 0x01E01E, 0x01E01F, 0x00F01F, 0x00E01E, 0x00F01C, 0x00781C, 0x00783C, 0x003FF0, 0x001FF0, 0x0007FC], _
[0x003FF0, 0x0039F8, 0x003838, 0x00783C, 0x003C38, 0x007838, 0x0078F8, 0x007FC0, 0x0039E0, 0x003870, 0x003870, 0x007838, 0x003838, 0x003838, 0x00783C, 0x001030], _
[0x000FF8, 0x001FF0, 0x003CC0, 0x003C00, 0x003C00, 0x001F00, 0x000F80, 0x0007E0, 0x0001F0, 0x000070, 0x000078, 0x000038, 0x000470, 0x001FF0, 0x001FE0, 0x000740], _
[0x003FF8, 0x003FFC, 0x007FC0, 0x000780, 0x0007C0, 0x000380, 0x0007C0, 0x0003C0, 0x000780, 0x000380, 0x000380, 0x0003C0, 0x0007C0, 0x000780, 0x000780, 0x000380], _
[0x00783C, 0x00F81C, 0x00701C, 0x00781C, 0x00703C, 0x00701C, 0x00783C, 0x00F81C, 0x00703C, 0x00783C, 0x007038, 0x003878, 0x003978, 0x003FF8, 0x001FE0, 0x0003E0], _
[0x00F01E, 0x00701C, 0x00701C, 0x003838, 0x007838, 0x003830, 0x003C70, 0x001C70, 0x001C60, 0x000C60, 0x000EE0, 0x000EC0, 0x0007C0, 0x0007E0, 0x000780, 0x0003C0], _
[0x01C7C3, 0x018783, 0x01C7C3, 0x01C7C7, 0x01C6C7, 0x01CEC7, 0x01C6E6, 0x01ECEE, 0x01CCE7, 0x00DE76, 0x01FC6C, 0x00E8FC, 0x00787E, 0x007C3C, 0x007878, 0x007820], _
[0x00387C, 0x003870, 0x001E70, 0x001CF0, 0x000EE0, 0x000FC0, 0x000FC0, 0x000780, 0x000FC0, 0x000FC0, 0x001CE0, 0x001CE0, 0x001CF0, 0x003838, 0x003878, 0x00B834], _
[0x00787C, 0x007838, 0x003878, 0x003C70, 0x001C60, 0x000EC0, 0x000FE0, 0x000F80, 0x000780, 0x000780, 0x000780, 0x000380, 0x000380, 0x000380, 0x000780, 0x000480], _
[0x007FFC, 0x007FF8, 0x0016F0, 0x000070, 0x0000F0, 0x0001C0, 0x0003C0, 0x0003C0, 0x000700, 0x000F00, 0x000E00, 0x003E00, 0x007C48, 0x003FFC, 0x007FFC, 0x007D20]]

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This is from Autoit Help File in the "Appendix" under "AutoIt3 Limits/defaults"....

MAX_LINESIZE 4095 Maximum size for a line of script.

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This is from Autoit Help File in the "Appendix" under "AutoIt3 Limits/defaults"....

Ah thanks I thought that kind of thing would be in there somewhere...

EDIT: Looking again, it is also mentioned in the FAQ in the help file... man do I feel stupid. muttley

Edited by miscreant

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