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can't set up/down time control values

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I have a program that allows the user to set the date and time using a calander control for the date and an up/down control for the time. I have formatted the time control to only display HH:mm. The program can save the selected date and time in a file so it can be recalled later. I'm able to recall and set the date from the saved file, but I can't set the value of the time control with the stored data. Is this a known issue, or is there something that I'm missing?

Code snippets:

This code is the gui code I use to create the date and time controls:

$DateCtrlStart1 = GUICtrlCreateDate("", 416, 80, 90, 21, $WS_TABSTOP)
GUICtrlSetOnEvent(-1, "DateCtrlStartChange")

$TimeCtrlStart1 = GUICtrlCreateDate($defaulttime, 513, 80, 90, 21, BitOR($DTS_UPDOWN,$DTS_TIMEFORMAT,$WS_TABSTOP))
GUICtrlSetOnEvent(-1, "TimeCtrlStartChange")

the code that sets the format of the time and date controls:

    $DTM_SETFORMAT_ = 0x1032
    $DTM_SETFORMAT_ = 0x1005
 $datestyle = "yyyy/MM/dd"
 $timestyle = "HH:mm"
GuiCtrlSendMsg($TimeCtrlStart1, $DTM_SETFORMAT_, 0, $timestyle)
GuiCtrlSendMsg($DateCtrlStart1, $DTM_SETFORMAT_, 0, $datestyle)

The format for GUICtrlSetData is: GUICtrlSetData ( controlID, data [, default] )

Here is the code used to attempt to set the value of the time control using the data from the saved file:

GuiCtrlSetData (($RowBase[6] + $populaterows), String($FormData [$populaterows][6]))

The values stored in the variables might equal to something like this:

GuiCtrlSetData (61, "22:35")

Where 61 is the controlID and 22:35 is the data

I have also tried this

GuiCtrlSetData ($TimeCtrlStart1, "22:35")

Thanks for any help,


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Hey Zedna, that worked! I used slashes / for the date, but otherwise I entered your example exactly. I've been struggling with this for a while, finally I can save and load all of the information from files! Thanks alot for the advice,


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