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find a window by using its class name

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I'm looking for a window via its classname (because it does not have a title).

The problem is that the class name changes whenever the program is run, but the beginning stays the same.


I run the program, it's classname is Prog123

I run the program again, it's classname is Prog456

I've tried:

ControlGetText("[CLASS:Prog456]", "", "[ClassNN:Edit1]")

That works fine.

However, I want it to be more generic like this:

ControlGetText("[CLASS:Prog]", "", "[ClassNN:Edit1]")

As you can see, I only want to match the beginning of the class name.

Is there a WinTitleMatchMode equivalent for classnames??

Many thanks,


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umm don't think it's equivalent for classnames...

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this worked muttley

WinGetTitle("[REGEXPCLASS:Prog+]", "")

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