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I've been developing this Batch Creator program for about 2 weeks on and off.

What do you think? Any suggestions on program/bug list are welcome.

* Latest Version 0.2 Build 2

* scroll down for link to compiled and new source

* 115 downloads of Version 0.1 build 9, before being removed

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Which release of AU3.0.103 did you use to create this? I am not personally familiar with the GUI commands so if someone could tell me which command replaced GUI_READ, I would be greatful so I can test this script. I am using the most recent version (I believe it is Jan 14th, could be wrong though).


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New version many fixes, few bugs left.

All the buttons work properly and I've added a "NEXT" button to force launching of the next line if you don't want to wait for the previous process to end.

Also added a terminate button.

To use DOS commands format like: @cmd [DOS COMMAND]

Example: @cmd ipconfig /release all

Minor updates, mostly gui/interface.

59 Downloads before updating.


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