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PyroBatchFTP - maybe another way to solve ftp transfering.

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I found this program while I am trying to upload files to my FTP server by the UDF FTP.au3. The UDF does not work in my computers(more then 3 computers...), I was so disappointed. What more, the UDF seems do not support upload or download file via proxy.

I am trying another way to transfer files to FTP server. And, PyroBatchFTP seems to be a right program to do what I want, it works like AutoIt, with pre-written scripts with its own sytax, command line utils, proxy supported, even scheduled task, and more...It supplies a dll file with functions to executing command. I read the help file, AutoIt should be able to call this dll and execute command and achieve FTP tranfering. I have a few experience in calling a dll file with AutoIt, and I hope someone here can do some research in this program and develop UDF about this PyroBatchControl dll.

this is web site of the program: http://www.emtec.com/

the following is copied from the program's help file about the dll:

Executing Commands via PyroBatchControl

If you want feed commands into PyroBatch from another application and immediately get the results (rather than running a complete script file and checking the result log later), you can do this by means of the PYROBATCHCONTROL.DLL. The DLL operates as an interface between your program and PyroBatchFTP. You will find this DLL in the PyroBatchFTP directory.

This DLL contains one function which can be called from C/C++, the various Visual Basic flavours or from other development tools like Delphi etc.

Sample Applications

Please check the : C:\\Program Files\PyroBatchFTP\PyroBatchControl directory for sample code and projects for Visual C/C++, Visual Basic and MS-Access. Technical Details

The name of the DLL is PYROBATCHCONTROL.DLL. The function is exported under the name _PyroBatch@16 It takes four parameters and returns a 32 bit value.

C/C++ Style Prototype:

int __stdcall _PyroBatch(const char *app, const char *cmd, char *result, int resultsize);

Visual Basic Declaration:

Declare Function PyroBatch Lib "pyrobatchcontrol.dll" Alias "_PyroBatch@16" (ByVal lpApp As String, ByVal lpCmd As String, ByVal lpResult As String, ByVal nResultSize As Long) As Long

Power Builder Declaration:

Function Long PyroBatch(String lpApp, String lpCmd, REF String lpResult, Long nResultSize) Library "pyrobatchcontrol.dll" Alias for "_PyroBatch@16"

Parameter Description:


The name of the accessed application, i.e. either "PyroBatch" or "PyroBatchFTP"


One of the following commands to attact/detach from PyroBatchFTP or any of the PyroBatchFTP Commands to execute.


Start a new instance of PyroBatchFTP or attach to a currently running instance. If PyroBatchFTP was not installed using the install wizard, you need to specify the directory where the executeable resides in the form appdir="<directory>", e.g. START appdir="c:\apps\pyrobatch"


Attach to a currently running instance (fails if none is started).


Detach from a session, but keep PyroBatchFTP running (unless a TerminateAfterScript command was issued).


Detach from seesion and close PyroBatchFTP.


Any of the : PyroBatchFTP Commands


A buffer which will be filled with the result string. The result will always be prefixed by "#nnn " where nnn is a standard PyroBatch result code (200-299 OK, see Result Codes).


The maximum size of the supplied result buffer.

return value

The function returns 0 if there is a general problem or non-zero if the command could be delivered to PyroBatchFTP.

A command was correctly executed if returns non zero and if the result string starts with "#200" - "#299".

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