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Pass Args?

Guest KJake

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AutoIt accepts command-line arguments separated by spaces. (The length of the command line is limited by the Windows platform and may be as little as 256 and as large as 1024 characters.)

You can create a shortcut to the script then edit its properties to include arguments.

Here's an example:

; Put compiled version in the Send To menu
;   and it copies selected file path(s) to clipboard

If $CmdLine[0] > 0 Then
  $tmp = ""
  For $i = 1 to $CmdLine[0]
    $tmp = $tmp & $CmdLine[$i] & @CRLF
  ClipPut( StringTrimRight($tmp,2) )

The special array $CmdLine[0] contains the number of elements (command-line arguments), $CmdLine[1] would contain the first element, etc.

Post back if you need more detail.

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Tab is also a separating character.

But take care of the quote is submitted

by Run(@programfilesdir & '\AutoIt3\Autoit3.exe /c anystatements')

I face this problem. I don't completely rememebr but quoting was a problem to manage.

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