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CompareVersions UDF

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I just tossed this script together, I needed a way to compare two versions of something, to decide which was newer (It will be used for the app. I'm making for this post). I figured I'd post it since I thought it might be handy for someone else, or I could see some ideas on how other people have done it. Perhaps I went about it all wrong, I'm not sure.

Anyway, here's the code:

Update below

So here we go.

The 3rd argument is a string defining what delimits the chunks of the version number. Default is a period.

The 4th argument is a 0/1 flag.

If it's 0 (default) then the function will return the higher/newer version entered.

If it's 1 then it will do the opposite.

The 5th argument is a string for what will be returned if the two versions are equal. It currently defaults to the equal character (=).

*Edit: Cleaned it up a bit, and added a few things.

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Another update


Success: Returns the greater version string (or if i_Flag is 1, the lesser version string), or an empty string if the two versions were equal.

Failure: If it encounters a non-number segment in the version string, it will throw an error. The error is 1 if the first version string caused the error, and 2 if the second caused the error.

*Edit: Updated again. I realized just now that the IsNumber isn't used to recognize if a string contains numeric values, it actually checks to see if the variable type is a number as well. Stupid me. Works now though.

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Okay, so here we go again. I realized that the old function had a bit of a problem with some version numbers when the latest AutoIt came out ( it was telling me that an older version ( was newer because of the math I was using. It turns out I'm not the math whiz I thought I was (which is pretty bad cus I knew I wasn't a math whiz in the first place), so here's a more simple, makes-sense version of the function. And so far, no bugs.

*Edit: Updated again. The method I was using before would see 3.0.2 as lower than 3.0.101. Now it should work fine.

Func _CompareVersions($s_Vers1, $s_Vers2)
    Local $i, $i_Vers1, $i_Vers2, $i_Top
    Local $a_Vers1 = StringSplit($s_Vers1, '.')
    Local $a_Vers2 = StringSplit($s_Vers2, '.')

    $i_Top = $a_Vers1[0]
    If $a_Vers1[0] < $a_Vers2[0] Then
        $i_Top = $a_Vers2[0]
    For $i = 1 To $i_Top
        If $i = 1 Then
            $i_Vers1 = Int($a_Vers1[$i])
            $i_Vers2 = Int($a_Vers2[$i])
            $i_Vers1 = 0
            $i_Vers2 = 0
            If $i <= $a_Vers1[0] Then
                $i_Vers1 = Number('.' & $a_Vers1[$i])
            If $i <= $a_Vers2[0] Then
                $i_Vers2 = Number('.' & $a_Vers2[$i])
        If $i_Vers1 > $i_Vers2 Then
            $s_Return = $s_Vers1
        ElseIf $i_Vers1 < $i_Vers2 Then
            $s_Return = $s_Vers2
            $s_Return = ''

    Return $s_Return

Example code:

#include <CompareVersions.au3>

$notepad = FileGetVersion('C:\windows\system32\notepad.exe')
$regedit = FileGetVersion('C:\windows\system32\regedit.exe')

$version = _CompareVersions($notepad, $regedit)

If $version = $notepad Then
    MsgBox(0, '', 'Notepad has a higher version number than regedit')
ElseIf $version = $regedit Then
    MsgBox(0, '', 'Regedit has a higher version number than notepad')
    MsgBox(0, '', 'Notepad and regedit have equal version numbers')
Edited by Saunders

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