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Ok, I've search the forum but the ones I've found doesn't really answer my question so here goes.

I'm trying to create a File/Folder Search alternative. Normally in WinXP, you simply right click on the folder then click Search... and a window will open where you can search for a file name. For some reason, due to security setup at work, this doesn't work 100% at a time. I've already create a simply file executor, but that requires that you know the whole name and extension.

But what I'm trying to do is create a search box that will search for the first 3 number and return everything, from folder to files, with that starting 3 number into an array.

Here's what I have but it doesn't work;

Dim $sFileArray[1]
            $sPrefix = StringLeft(GUICtrlRead($sInput), 3)
            $sHandle = FileFindFirstFile("N:\Solidworks\MASTER\" & $sPrefix)
                $sFound = FileFindNextFile($sHandle)
                _ArrayAdd($sFileArray, $sFound)
            Until @error

Any suggestions?

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I got 2 questions:

1) does it have to be beta autoit? I tried pointing it to my autoit and it works (dont think mine is beta...)

2) how does @ComSpec work? help file says

value of %comspec%, the SPECified secondary COMmand interpreter;
primarily for command line uses, e.g.  Run(@ComSpec & " /k help | more")

but how do I find out what is %comspec% on my computer?


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Here is a program that might help ( code is there too )

Posted Image



Thanks, it's a great script but it can't find the file/folder I specified...even giving the whole filename. I don't know why because I can only understand half of what's going on on that script. Although I like the fact that it looks into subfolder even only giving the main folder, so that's a good start for me.

But the script runs too slow because it's searching into every folder. What I want to do is create a smart search using the prefix of the filename because that's how they are sorted in the Main folder.

Main Folder


-- 100

--- 1001001.extasm

--- 1001002.extasm

-- 200

--- 2009001.extasm

--- 2009002.extasm



-- 100

--- 1001001.extprt

--- 1001002.extprt

-- 200

--- 2009001.extprt

--- 2009002.extprt


So basically I want the script to jump into the Main folder, strip the search keyword of the first 3 number, then add that 3 numbers to the file path (i.e. MainFolder\Parts\200\) then it will search in Assemblies folder, Parts folder, etc. until it find the keyword and everything that has those keyword (i.e. keyword=2009*, it will return everything that start with 2009 which mean both 2009001.extasm and 2009001.extprt).

[font="Georgia"]Chances are, I'm wrong.[/font]HotKey trouble?Stringregexp GuideAutoIT Current Version

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