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Infinite loop and pause

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Hey I am trying to make a very basic script that will loop forever when I start it and be able to be paused and be closed all by hot keys. I am having a little trouble I am not sure how to do it I remember doing it a while ago but my PC got reformatted and I lost all my scripts and links. I remember to pause it was something to do with changing the variable (I think) and i completely forget how to make a infinite loop this is the code I have so far.

hotkeyset ("{f7}","Start") 
hotkeyset ("{f8}","Pause") 
hotkeyset ("{f9}","Close") 
while 1=1
Func  Start ()
Send ("7")
Send ("8")
sleep (1800)
Send ("q")

Func Pause()

Func Close ()
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