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ControlSend when 2 instances of the same program is running

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I am playing this game which requires a large amount of AFK training, but it's against the in-game rules to afk train (there are guards and rangers lurking around trying to catch you). I've done a really neat macroer does what it's supposed to do + detect rangers and guards and react accordingly, but that means I cannot use my PC when this is happening. So I decided to make a minimized version when I am on the PC (so I can check every now and then), but I always have 2 instances of the game running (1 for my training character, the other for the character that will be trained on). Now, I've tried running it, but it always chooses the wrong one, and I wonder how I could make it choose the other. (I tried changing the launching order, and tried launching the proper one, launch the macroer, then launch the trained on character, doesn't work either, it just switches.)


One of the game was in windowed mode and the other was in a fullscreen mode. When exiting fullscreen, it reselected the other game. So basically, I can pick which one I want to be macroed. I just set both to windowed, works fine now.

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