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While Loop not Working...

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I'm creating a sript to insert data from an Excel Worksheet to an application. The part of the code below is giving me a problem and I can't figure out what the problem is. Maybe I've been working with it so long I'm overlooking something simple.

The problem is within this section of the code, it is suppose to stop until I click the button to continue but it keeps looping:

If you need to see more of my code let me know it is long.

Elseif $opt = 2 Then
     Dim $sCellValue1, $sCellValue2, $sCellValue3, $sCellValue4, $sCellValue6, $sCellValue7
     Dim $msg2
    ;Insert Next Part   
     GUICtrlCreateLabel("Insert Next Part", 125, 315, 100, 25)    
     $btn_Next = GUICtrlCreateButton("Next", 235, 315, 75, 25);Left, Down, Width, Height
    ;MsgBox(0, "", "$nrowM = " & $nrowM & " - " & "$lrowM = " & $lrowM) 
    ;MsgBox(0, "", "The Cell Value is: " &  @CRLF & $sCellValue1);& @CRLF & $sCellValue5 & @CRLF & $sCellValue6, )
     $sCellValue1 = StringTrimLeft(_ExcelReadCell($oExcel1, 2, 3), 7);bldgno
     For $i = $nrowM To $lrowM;Loop       
     $sCellValue2 = _ExcelReadCell($oExcel1, $i, 2);serialno 
     $sCellValue3 = _ExcelReadCell($oExcel1, $i, 3);ffinvpart 
     $sCellValue4 = _ExcelReadCell($oExcel1, $i, 4);description
     $sCellValue6 = _ExcelReadCell($oExcel1, $i, 6);roomno
     $sCellValue7 = _ExcelReadCell($oExcel1, $i, 7);extradesc or notes
     $msg2 = GUIGetMsg()
      Case $btn_Next

      ;Dim $sCellValue = _ExcelReadCell($oExcel1, $i, 1)
      ;Activate/Set Focus to Excel Worksheet: Equip_List_FF.xls
       WinActivate("Microsoft Excel - Equip_List_FF.xls", "")
      ;Wait for Excel Worksheet: Equip_List_FF.xls to become active
       WinWaitActive("Microsoft Excel - Equip_List_FF.xls", "")


      ; Activate/Set focus to FF Inventory Management Window
       WinActivate("Inventory Management - \\Remote", "")
      ; Wait for the Notepad become active - it is titled "Untitled - Notepad" on English systems
       WinWaitActive("Inventory Management - \\Remote")

       ; Click in FF Equipment Field  
        MouseClick("left", 114, 135)
       ; Now that the Notepad window is active type some special characters 
        Send($sCellValue3 & "{ENTER}");invpart      
        Send($sCellValue1 & "-" & $sCellValue2 & "{ENTER 2}");serialno      
        Send($sCellValue4 & "{ENTER 2}");description
        Send("U {ENTER 7}");status
        Send("16 {ENTER 4}");shop
        Send($sCellValue1 & "{ENTER}");bldgno

       ; Click the Extra Description Box 
        MouseClick("left", 516, 210)
       ;Extra Description Box Text
     ;Case $i > $lrowM
     Until $msg2 = $btn_Next           

Thank you for your help,


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I guess your problem is about:

      Case $btn_Next

This syntax is typical to a "Switch" command not a "Select"

When using this in a "Select" the case will be always executed because your button "$btn_Next" exists so the "Case $btn_Next" will always be true.

2 solutions:

- change your loop to:

Switch $msg2
Case $btn_Next"

- keep the Select loop but change the case:

      Case $msg2 = $btn_Next

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