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AfxFrameOrView and SysTreeView controls

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I'm a rookie with AutoIt. I read the AutoIt guide but it seems that it can't manage all types of controls.

I don't remember where but I think I read that control defined with MFC are not managed with AutoIt methods.

So I have to work with a control AfxFrameOrView (AfxFrameOrView42 according to AutoIt windows info) and I have


  • find an item in the tree, according to its label
  • select this item
  • do a double click on this item

Is there any way to manage this control and to do the previously listed action ?

Moreover, is it possible to manage a SysTreeView32 control with the 'classical' methods provided by AutoIt?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards.

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I'm also struggling in getting the text from the control AfxFrameOrView.

anyone help please ?

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