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Running of Pen drive displays different results

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I have written a little script to run .exes one after another. To get them to run in the order i like i change the name of the exe so that the begining start with 0x e.g. (01 - first.exe, 02 -second.exe, 03 - last.exe).

This works great and i haven't had a problem until i tried to run it of a usb pen and the order is all over the place. The only thing i can assume is the read/write speed is much slower and autoit is going to quickly is there any way of slowing down autoit or does anyone now what is happening.

#INCLUDE <Process.au3>
#INCLUDE <File.au3>
#INCLUDE <GUIConstants.au3>
#Include <Array.au3>

$ExecuteList = _FileListToArray(c:\scripts,"*.exe",1)
 IF @Error = 1 Then 
    Msgbox(0,"ExecuteList","No Files to Run")

_ArrayDisplay ($ExecuteList)

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This only displays the execute list which is in c:\scripts and labeled *.exe. Are you showing us the code or some script that you wrote up? Anyways a Sleep(<TIME>) will slow it down if you place it right before a list

$a_ExecuteList = _FileListToArray("C:\Users\Terarin Kerowyn\Desktop", "*.exe", 1)

If @error Then

MsgBox(4096,"Error", " Error reading to Array error:" & @error)



For $i_ExecuteList = 1 To $a_ExecuteList[0]

; will execute and wait till the application is fully loaded

RunWait("C:\Users\Terarin Kerowyn\Desktop\" & $a_ExecuteList[$i_ExecuteList])

; will execute then after 5 seconds continue on regardless to the application

; Run("C:\Users\Terarin Kerowyn\Desktop\" & $a_ExecuteList[$i_ExecuteList])

; Sleep(5000)


Contact via MSN: [email=terarink_msn@hotmail.com]terarink_msn@hotmail.com[/email], yahoo: terarink_yah

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