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autoit hotkey now working in adobe psd

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sorry for the topic, i mispelled it. it should be "autoit hotkey not working in adobe psd."

haiya guys. I am trying to automate editing images in adobe photoshop. I am using AU3record.exe,

the program goes like this

open a folder, right click a file, select open with and click adobe photoshop. It works fine, but inside adobe photshop,it will stop working. because in the au3file, there is a record where in im going to send s key like "ctrl+alt+i" to open the "image" tab then change the image size. after that it will send a key "Shift+ctrl+s" to save as the image then add a text in the file name. then close the image file, go back again to the folder and open again. That's what i wanna do.

But I dont know why it stops woking inside adobe photoshop. any help plz?

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