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copying files/folders from current dir

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Hi, being brand new to this awesome program I'm asking for help to what is most likely a very simple and common task.

I wrote a script that copies files and folders (containing files) from my server to locaitons on the local hard drive. It works great as long as I hard code the source location of the files but I was hoping to make this script run from any location for example;

1. I copy the folder containing the script and the files/folders to be sent to the workstation on a network share.

2. the user double-clicks the compiled script

3. the script copies the files/folders from the current directory (where it is being run from)

I tried the @WorkingDir but don't think it's what I need. Please help.

this is what I have and it works when I use actual UNC


DirCopy("\\server name\volume\Distribution\setshell", "C:\program files\novell\setshell", 1)

DirCopy("\\server name\volume\Distribution\usbdeview", "C:\novell\usbdeview")

DirCopy("\\server name\volume\Distribution\usbdlm", "C:\novell\usbdlm")

run ("C:\novell\usbdlm\USBDLM.exe -silentinstall")

FileCopy("\\server name\volume\Distribution\poweroff.exe", @SystemDir)

FileCopy("\\server name\volumeDistribution\appload.exe", @SystemDir)

FileCopy("\\server name\volume\Distribution\nccppr32.exe", @SystemDir)

FileCopy("\\server name\volume\Distribution\runhide.exe", @SystemDir)

FileCopy("\\server name\volume\Distribution\NLSAPI32.DLL", @SystemDir)

FileCopy("\\server name\volume\Distribution\NLS32.DLL", @SystemDir)

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