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AutoIt v3.2.13.6 (Beta) Released

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http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/files/beta/autoit (30th July, 2008) (Beta)


- Fixed #475: StringSplit() with flag 2 and empty delimiter did not work correctly.

- Fixed #464: Example script for GUICtrlCreateAvi() did not work on Vista.

- Added #328: StringToASCIIArray(), StringFromASCIIArray() functions.

- Added: New flag to Run()/RunAs() to fix issue #415 (Adds new Constants.au3 constant: $STDIO_INHERIT_PARENT).

- Added: New flag to all Run functions for better CUI compatibility (Adds new Constants.au3 constant: $RUN_CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE).

- Changed #393: Documented that SoundSetWaveVolume() works differently in Windows Vista.

- Changed: PCRE regular expression engine updated to 7.7.


- Added: _ExcelHorizontalAlignSet, _ExcelFontSetProperties, _ExcelBookAttach (litlmike)

- Fixed: Excel Examples

- Added: _WinAPI_SetEndOfFile, _WinAPI_SetFilePointer (Zedna)

- Fixed #465: _DateTimeSplit if seconds omitted defaulted to -1, now defaults to 0


- Added #460: More verbose UPX errors.

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