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Copying substring from a String

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Hello Folks,

I want to copy a substring from a string. Since autoit strings are not like C strings. I am unable to copy a portion of string to new string.

I want to extract file size from a torrent file. And I want torrent file to be unchanged.

Here is how I tried

; Fille size
$fh = FileOpen("C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\torrents\file.torrent", 0)
$contents = FileRead($fh)
; File size is mentioned after keyword 'length'
$startI = StringInStr($contents, "lengthi")
$endI = StringInStr($contents, ":", 1, 1, $startI)
; I want to copy string between startI and endI to a new string. How to do that?

Your help required.



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$content = FileRead('C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\torrents\file.torrent')
$start = StringInStr($content, 'length')
$end = StringInStr($content, ':', 0, 1, $start)
$size = StringMid($content, $start, $end - $start)

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