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Array problems

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#Region - Find shortcut for executable
$IsInShortcutDir = False
$SearchHandle = FileFindFirstFile(@StartupCommonDir & "\" & "*.lnk"); Find all .lnk files in the commen startup dir

If $SearchHandle <> - 1 Then; If any shortcut were founded.
    $ShortcutFile = FileFindNextFile($SearchHandle); Get first file
    While Not @error; Loop until no more files
        $ShortcutData = FileGetShortcut($ShortcutFile); Get details about the shortcut
        If $ShortcutData[0] = @ScriptFullPath Then; If shortcut leads to the executable
            $IsInShortcutDir = True; Then confirm it
            ExitLoop; And exit loop
        $ShortcutFile = FileFindNextFile($SearchHandle); Otherwise continue the search
FileClose($SearchHandle); Close handle

If $IsInShortcutDir = True Then; If confirmed
    MsgBox(0,0,"Shortcut founded")
#EndRegion - Find shortcut for executable

Anyone that can point out the error here? I get the "Subscript used with non-Array variable" error upon "If $ShortcutData[0] = ..." line. Why?


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You must use ABSOLUTE path

;      ConsoleWrite(@StartupCommonDir & '\' & $ShortcutFile & @LF)
       $ShortcutData = FileGetShortcut(@StartupCommonDir & '\' & $ShortcutFile); Get details about the shortcut
Doh thanks :P.

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