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turning coordinates to a variable?

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Is it possible to turn a coordinate set to a variable? For example:

$checksum1 = PixelGetChecksum (2, 5, 7, 9)

$Var1 = ??coordinates found at the changed checksum

Sleep (1000)

If $checksum1 <> PixelGetChecksum (2, 5, 7, 9) Then

??Get coordinates of the changed checksum??

MouseClick ("left" $Var1)

If this is at all possible or someone knows of something that could work please let me know. Thanks

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To begin with there is no PixelGetChecksum() as far as I am aware, but I will assume that you meant PixelChecksum() which will mean that the answer is no.

PixelChecksum() only returns a checksum and can't be used for much more than checking IF the area have changed.

If you need exact coordinates then you would need to loop PixelGetColor() to get all colors on the screen and then compare that with the next loop of PixelGetColor(). HERE is an example which may help you.

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