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I'm creating a program to automatically disable DCOM in windows XP. (port 135)

im wonderign if there is another alternative to the gui way of disabling it vs. registry?

here's what I have:

"HKEY_LM\Software\Microsoft\Ole\EnableDcom=N", and "HKEY_LM\Software\Microsoft\Rpc\Dcom_Protocols=null"

and also do this:

Step Three

Click Start menu, and then click the Run icon.

In the small box that Opens, type: Dcomcnfg.exe then click the OK button.

Now the Component Services window should open.

In the left hand pane "Expand" Component Services.

Right-click Computer and select Properties.

(For a remote computer, right-click Computer, press New, press Computer, type the ComputerName, right-click the ComputerName and press Properties.)

Select the Default Properties tab.

Clear the Enable Distributed COM on this Computer box.

Click the Apply button to disable DCOM.

Click the OK button and exit the Component Services window.

Shutdown and Restart your computer.

is there a way to do "step three" via the registry?

google doesn't seem to want to help me...

edit: sorry about the typos in the thread name!!!

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tolle indicium

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