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Error Adding Components

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Hi :P

I have discovered that in AutoIt its possible to add components to the form, as you do in VB lol (before, i add them with pure code, not graphically), so i have been experimenting with all the components, but for example, when I try to add a "Microsoft Webbrowser component" it shows an errror messagebox like this:

Posted Image

So, i suppose that the error occours cause I need that .dll file to work properly...

But this is not the only control i can´t add, there is a lot of other control that it doesnt let me add, and it marks then with a "caution" symbol...

Posted Image

You see? :P

So...i would like you to explain me if this is ocurring because of the fault of that .dll files or maybe is a problem of my AutoIt instalation...?

Thank you so much!!

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