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Need hints on replacing/inserting text with a "text file"

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Hi All, ... I can put text on a certain line of a file, ... or replace text with other text. My question is How do a replace text (or insert at a certain line) a "text file" (maybe 1000 characters) into another file? No, not append, ... the text file will have to be inserted somewhere in the middle of the other file.

I'm exporting an html file that has movie covers pretaining to certain actors, ... but need to add "actor bio info." into this html file.

If someone could "point me" to somewhere / link to read on how to do this / or help me with the commands, I sure would appreciate it.

thanks again


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Check out _FileReadToArray()

StringReplace() / StringRegExpReplace()

FileOpen() / FileRead() / FileWrite() / FileWriteLine()

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