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Newbie Advice Appreciated

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I'm a Powershell scripter bleeding over into AutoIT as I 'think' for this challenge

AutoIT would be better. I also have experience scripting in Aspect and VBScript.

I'd really appreciate a steer on whether AutoIT is my friend for the task in hand...

There is a IE based web app which my customer uses for managing various aspects of

their business. Nothing too clever about it, a few controls etc but mostly just buttons and


I would like to both automate this application & gather data out of this web app and

use that data as input arguments to another IE web application completely different to

the first one.

Essentially users are manually taking the data out of one app and typing it all into the

other one. Repeat ad-infinitum.

I'm not really asking how to do this, as I'm happy to go away and learn.

I'd just like to know if I'm in the best place by trying to use AutoIT for this.



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Help file is your friend :P

AutoIt can practically do anything. Look up IE commands in the help file: User Defined Functions> IE Management.

Feel free to post back here if you need some information on the commands or anything else. If people here can tell you're not just trying to get soembody to write a script for you, then people are willing to help.

Good luck with it!

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