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Connecting to a certain port

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I am trying to see if a program communicating on port 27015 at my IP address, using the _getip function

$starttime = TimerInit()
$PublicIP = _GetIP()

If TimerDiff($starttime) >= $checkerror1 Then
    $socket = TCPConnect($PublicIP, 27015)
    If $socket = -1 Then
        $msgbox = MsgBox(4,"Error", "Server crashed, restart?", 10)
        If $msgbox = 6 or $msgbox = -1 Then
            $as_Body = "  Server:Server Crashed, Attempting Restart"
        ElseIf $msgbox = 7 Then
    $starttime = TimerInit()
;$checkerror1 = GUICtrlRead($checkerror) * 1000

But the problem is, it works sometimes, and at others, it doesn't work, and restarts the server even though it is still up. Any clue to what I am doing wrong? I can provide the whole source code if you PM me.

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